Timothy Brooke, born 1942
into a family of four generations of architects;
was at school in Kenya,
studied Fine Art in England 1961-65,
has always been a painter,
spent 21 yrs in Europe 1960-81
painting, teaching and working in industry
before returning to Kenya
where he lives and works in Nanyuki.

Brought up in Kenya where his father was an architect, Timothy Brooke completed school at St. Mary’s in Nairobi. From 1961 to 1965, he studied fine art in both England and Poland. Following that, he spent the 1970s in Ireland. Finally, after 20 years of working and exhibiting in Europe, he returned to Kenya and his home in Nanyuki.

Brooke is well known in Nairobi for the dramatic series of 27 paintings he executed on the set for the film “Out of Africa.” The entire collection is now on permanent exhibition at the elegant Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi.

Brooke’s painting style, which incorporates strong brush work as well as the skilled use of bright colors, is utterly unique. His paintings demonstrate his ability to concentrate on the essence of his subject. When one comes upon a Timothy Brooke painting, the impact is powerful.

In the United States, Brooke is represented by Gleason Fine Art, with galleries in Portland and Boothbay Harbor, Maine.